Chasing ugly sort of works! • February 25, 2015

Good Morning All –


After my last post, and further study of drawings with ugly in them that just makes them stronger – I decided to chase after ugly myself. No tricks or cleverness, almost no attempt at delicacy and just two ragged brushes that seemed too big and so abused that they couldn’t hold tips. Bam, slash, drag and scrap . . . and for the most part, sheet after sheet got pitched on the floor. I bet I burned through almost 50 of ’em, but now and then, a drawing held together, enough so at least that I kept it. Offered here, with all faults, are quick studio point-n-shoots of 5 from yesterday and earlier this morning.


There are still 20 or so sheets of paper left before I’m completely out. Now they’re gonna get it too.


The art store loves me,


Your Buddy Bill ————————–