Circling back • • January 30, 2018


Yesterday was a strange one. I spent much of it trying to make a mountain and waterfall picture work, only to find it looked much better upside down!?! It’s still a waterfall picture too, although flipping it turned it into a close up view! Oh man, trying to sort out the hows and whys of all of this hurts my head. So this time I’m just going to accept and keep moving.


How’s this for the screwy first chore of my creative day: I must make water that still looks like it’s flowing upside down turn around and tumble right! Yep, and I also want to keep it suggestive rather than going all fussy detailed like I tend to.


Maybe soon I’ll have something marvelous to show you. Until then, here’s another picture of tumbling water, seen against the glare in bright sunlight. I did it some years ago, it is hyper-detailed, and a great picture, but I want more.


Logan-Against the Glare