Closing in on the finish line! • July 6, 2015


Hey All –


A holiday weekend and the rhythm of living have cut into my work time lately, but I’m at it once again. Here are a couple of working shots:




The view above is of the center windows in various stages of completion. The one on the right is done, with a wire cage in place over the window beneath. In the center, you can see how carefully rendered a window is before I create the cage over top – now I’m peeling off the tape that masked out the frame for the cage, which will be painted next. At left, I’ve just begun the glass panes. So far, this window looks an awful lot like a miniature painting by Piet Mondrian. Just for fun, below is one of his wonderful abstract compositions!




And finally, this last photo was taken moments ago. I’m much further along now – this is the same window that was once so abstract! What’s really exciting is that as soon as this window is finished, so is my power plant picture. IT COULD HAPPEN TOMORROW!