Damselflies are almost dragonflies too! • January 23, 2017


Good Morning!


Well, I spent most of the weekend working on a dragonfly I either really like – or really don’t! Some pretty good stuff is happening in it, but somehow, it just doesn’t quite make it. Or does it? I hope I’m too wound up with this to see it clearly, so I’ll wrap it up and hide it for awhile, then move on.


Something interesting: I’ve reached the point where scraping, ripping and pecking clear through my paper – even in the naked white areas – is becoming a familiar method. I’m very good at patching and reinforcing my pictures from behind, and now, adding new white paper that is visible through all the ragged little holes adds still more dimension and texture. I’ll push this further – and keep you informed!


Meanwhile, here is a sweet damselfly – I think they’re fair game in this little series of mine too!



Øyenstikkere (Dragonflies) #4

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″