Dancing ants and a super power • • June 28, 2019


Logan Ant 2 6-19-19


As is so often the case lately, things are super busy – especially so as I continue to prep for a big exhibition this Autumn/Winter!! More info on that will come soon.


Also, ants are still putting on attitudes, sometimes dancing and even occasionally turning into a mountain!


Yep. Didn’t know they could do that but so they can. Actually the last mountain picture (below) started as a moth, so apparently other insects have this super power too!


Logan Ant 1 6-19-19


Logan Ant 1 6-14-19


Logan Ant 2 1-7-19


Logan Ant 4 6-18-19


Logan Ant 2 6-18-19


Logan Ant 3 6-18-19


Logan Ant 1 6-18-19


Logan Mountain 2 6-27-19


Logan Mountain 6-27-19