Days in the trenches • • March 3, 2020


Logan Fish 2-29-20


I’m still wrestling with these bigger 3-sheet pictures, wearing out my desire to keep painting scary fishes and trying to figure out exactly how to begin landscapes I don’t know how to do. To stall for time until my head catches up, I’m trying to either finish or pitch work that has been hanging around half finished for far too long. This way I feel like I’m doing something practical (and hopefully worthwhile).


I don’t even know what to think of the fish (if it is a fish) up above. At first I hated it – now I kinda like it, though I’m not sure how it happened. I was behind the game in that picture from the moment I started it. EVERYTHING went wrong. In frustration at one point, I even poured a whole glass of water over it! Yet in the end it still worked out. Ooooooh, I DON’T understand how this all works!


Here are some closer views of the same painting – – –


Logan fish 2-29-20 detail 2


Logan fish 2-29-20 detail 1


I’ve also finished these fishes – – –


Logan Finished Fish 2-24-20


Logan Fish 2 3-3-20


Logan Fish 1 3-3-20


And here are some single sheet waves too – – –


Logan Wave 2-27-20


Logan Wave 2 2-25-20


Logan Wave 1 2-25-20