Deep sea diving continues • • February 24, 2020


Logan Fish 2-18-20


Been trying very hard since my last post, with successes and failures to show for it. Probably more of the latter than the former, but this working bigger deal has quite the learning curve. Slowly, I’m getting some sense of where I’m headed though. I’m mostly painting scary fish still, though I sense I will wear them out soon enough. There is a bit more to explore and also quite a few pictures  to finish.


Here is a big line up of show-n-tell for you, starting with a closer look at the spooky fellow above:


Logan fish detail 2-18-20


Bigger surface areas mean different mark making – and an increased importance in letting blank paper play an equal role in the mix. I knew this going in but even so, it’s as if these are new lessons. Sometimes the balance is just right, as in this next one:


Logan fish 2-20-20


Two detail views:


Logan fish 2-20-20 detail 1


Logan fish 2-20-20 detail 2


Hang on now – because here comes the rest of the latest fleet!


Logan Fish 1 2-23-20


Logan Fish 2 2-23-20


Logan Fish 3 2-17-20


Logan Fish 6 2-17-20


Logan Fish 2 2-17-20


Logan Fish 4 2-17-20


Logan Fish 5 2-17-20


I painted this last one horizontally, but like it much better vertically!


Logan Fish 2a 2-20-20