Detritus = Inspiration! • November 20, 2019


Logan detritus


Sometimes I worry that the scrap that builds up beside my ink slinging is more interesting than the pictures I paint. I hope not! Yet I keep an eye on things because happenstance sometimes throws me little gifts.


In this next photo, you see a scrap of paper on which I was merely testing ink consistency. It was only a few days later that I realized that by pure chance, it was almost a flower picture all on it’s own. So I did a bunch of paintings in response!


Logan chance bloom


Logan bloom 5 11-20-19


Logan bloom 6 11-20-19


Logan bloom 3 11-20-19


Logan bloom 4 11-20-19


I particularly like the crumbly, deteriorating moves in the next two – layer after layer of ground in, scrubbed out, replenished and overpainted mark making. Such a paradox, trying to pair spontaneity with intentional overworking. Sheesh . . .


Logan bloom 2 11-20-19


Logan bloom 1 11-20-19