Do I really look like this? • October 21, 2015


A very kind and gifted photographer, Tsun Tam, recently accompanied Bob and me down to Paterson, NJ to photograph us while we painted.


Bob looks like the prototypical fine artist, deeply engaged in work – geez he looks like he came out of a Norman Rockwell painting or something. I don’t. I was honestly slinging ink, all but unaware of Tsun clicking away; I wasn’t posing at all and yet I look just foolish! Apparently I hunch over, lean in and make really glaring faces. I had no idea, though I must admit I have long known I’m not cool.


Here is Bob at the falls:


Bob painting 4


This is the view, which is even more impressive in real life!


Bob painting 3


And most of the photographic evidence points towards this as the typical me:


Bill Painting 2


Yes, well. . . okay – I yam what I yam, I guess.


Your Buddy Bill