Doing two to get one done? • April 2, 2015

After finishing the drawing I posted two days ago (of a road-killed Long-earred Owl), I truly meant to jump right on the next one and complete it too. In that picture, the poor little guy just needs his face, tufted ears and a little more of the speckled/spotted/barred body patterning I have such problems with. My plan was to have him done by this evening, but as you probably know, making plans about making art is often chancy.


And besides, my Sweetie is coming home today! She’s been gone a loooooooooong month on business. This morning I was way too antsy to focus, so in a moment of impractical brilliance, I decided the best way forward was to start yet another drawing of the same bird! Ah, but this time it would be fast and fearlessly rendered. The logic in this was that it might loosen me up and perhaps give me moves to take back into the other drawing. Good plan. Sort of.


It did roll right along . . . until I got to the head again. By that point I was wearing out and also realized the bathroom still needed to be scrubbed. Without supervision, I can easily revert to the bachelor slob Reidun long ago thought she’d housebroken (please don’t tell her).


Here is the owl I should have been working on:




And this is the new one I started instead:




This evening the house is a show place, the faint aroma of cleaning solutions has the cats weirded out, Reidun’s plane has just landed and now there are two headless owls awaiting my next drawing session. It WON’T be tomorrow, or friday, or maybe even the weekend. I mean come on, my beautiful bride and I have very important things to catch up on. It could take a few days.


Your Buddy Bill


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