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What you don’t know is that during the 1990’s, I was primarily a sculptor. This suite of drawings was done on the sidelines, as I worked on a complex piece, an actual Boatman whose body WAS his boat. Made of bronze, wood, fabric and fiber, he is ribbed and planked, squats on outriggers and has working rigging that raises his arms, which in turn hold up his sail. He’s eccentric and beautiful, but has a little problem – he can’t turn. I might have fixed that, but somehow it seemed appropriate that he had to go the way the wind blew. During the long year and a half I spent making him, I felt the same.

These drawings were my way of playing hooky now and then. With one or two exceptions, they were done fast and finished, while I was in the middle of a project that never seemed to end. I’m glad to report my Boatman turned out marvelously. I’m proud of him. Eventually, I’ll get photos of him onto the website too. Until then, I hope you enjoy this quirky fleet!