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The best imagination couldn’t conjure up a landscape as extreme, startling and dramatic as what you find in any direction, at any moment, in the Norwegian fjord and mountain country. In the US, we would dedicate National Parks to what over there is ignored as commonplace! Few native artists have managed to capture a really good sense of the landscape, and though my proud in-laws may go all Viking on me for saying this, none have done it well enough. I understand why: there’s too much in front of you. Even knowing this, in August of 2013 I finally had the guts to make my own first attempt.

You’ll notice my last nine pictures are of the same view. They were all done in one day, while I stood in a hay field, certain I was failing. Each disappointing attempt got tossed, carelessly and still wet, into the deep grass. Then I would try again . . . annnnnnd again. Had a breeze come up (or rain come down), I would have lost them all and not cared. Now, these drawings seem just like my memory of the view. I guess I didn’t fail. Somehow, I managed nine good pictures in one remarkable round. I wonder, will I ever reach a point where I recognize in the moment what I’ve so far only realized afterwards?

PS: I'm incredibly fortunate - I get to go to Norway every other year. During my last trip (summer - 2015), I began a series of ambitious new pictures. A few are finished and they're the first ones you see here. Many more are coming!