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The best imagination couldn’t conjure up a landscape as extreme, startling or dramatic as the Norwegian fjord and mountain country. Few artists have managed to capture it, and though my proud in-laws may go all Viking on me for saying this, none have done it well enough. I understand why: there’s too much in front of you. Even knowing this, in August of 2013 I finally got the guts to give it a try.

You’ll notice the last nine pictures are of the same view. They were my first real attempt, done in one day as I stood in a hay field certain I was failing. Each screw up got tossed, still wet, into the deep grass, and then I would try again. Had a breeze come up (or rain come down), all would have been lost and I doubt I'd have cared. Now though, these drawings seem just like my memory of that day and view. I didn’t fail. I managed nine pretty good pictures and I'll keep going until I get it just right!

PS: I'm incredibly fortunate - I visit Norway every other summer, and I've been busy. Want a sneak peek? CHECK OUT MY BLOG!