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Nikolai's Mountain

Astrup Mountain header 9


Nikolai Astrup captured the Norwegian mountain country with sensitivity, and often sweetness. The painting above (at left) is his, of an oddly symmetrical mountain near where he lived. My sis and I found Nik's mountain - the photo (at right) is from that trip.


Astrup-MY MTN-header


For many of my own pictures (like the three above), I've chosen a vantage point a little further to the right than Nikolai's. I also confess that quite a few of my mountains didn't end up being Nik's. That's okay. I just let my work go where it goes, confident that Nik's peak is a fine starting point. It's archetypical for southern Norway: an imposing, worn survivor of many ice ages.

I know how days pass over mountain country and about weather, light, drama and the quiet. It has taken so long to paint well what I'm most familiar with. These pictures are my current best truth.