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Nikolai's Mountain

Astrup Mountain header 9


Nikolai Astrup captured the soul of the Norwegian mountain country with sensitivity and sweetness, and did it better than any one else I've seen. The painting above (at left) is his, of an oddly symmetrical mountain near where he lived. My sis and I went to find Nik's mountain - the photo (at right) is from that trip. But every picture I've made of his peak began there too.

I've chosen my own vantage point, which is a little further up the lake shore, and I must admit that some of my pictures didn't end up where I tried to steer them. A few might not even be Nik's mountain anymore, but I know how days pass over mountain country. The weather, light, drama, the quiet - it's odd how it takes so long to paint well what you know best.

Perhaps the more you know, the tougher it becomes to live up to it. These pictures are as close as I've come - they're my truth.