Bill Logan Artist • Writer • Bug Maker

Prelude & Claw Hand Variations

The first fellow here is the very first large owl I drew, and he remains exactly where he stalled. I really liked what I had, but was certain he needed more. No surprise there, I almost always think that, but what to do, where or how? To figure it out, I took a photo, printed copies and started drawing on top of them. What I find so amusing is that my problem solving never solved the problem! The big boy remains as he was, as much a critter as he is an owl. To keep him company, we have a nice little series that is entertainingly experimental. Many of these are the end result of several rounds of photography, Photoshop alteration, digital and regular drawing. I’ve arranged them in order visually so you can see how one often carried on into the next

The Claw Hand Owls are playful and much rougher. But any intrepid soul who has pursued creativity long knows not to discount side trips. Every move leads somewhere, even if just for a morning stroll, which is what these pretty much were. Like my first cup of tea, they warmed me up and got me ticking before tackling more serious work.