Bill Logan Artist • Writer • Bug Maker

The Wild Bunch

All but a few of these owls took me for bumpy rides. This happens a lot, in fact it’s pretty much standard. I start a new drawing, zip right along, smooth and as fast as the speed skating king of mark making,,,,,, and theeen (oh no) I start toooo sloooooow doooooooooown,,,,,, , ,,, , ,,, stuck. Stuck again dammit.

I wish I knew why this happens, but I don’t, so here’s what I do: I call Reidun in to reassure me that I’m not a screw up. This too is routine, so we have a protocol. She says no. I believe her. She escapes. I hide my drawing, before I do something foolish. Much of my table space is stacked with drawings lying very still.

I like every one of these owls now, a lot, but the only reason they’re here for show & tell is because I’ve learned this vital lesson: never judge rashly. Put aside what you really just want to rip up and don't look at it. Bury it in a pile and don’t dig it up again until you’ve had a change of brain. If you can forget what you were thinking, or what you hoped for, or what bothered you, or what you hated about a drawing, it wasn’t important. That drawing may have good moves after all, and even a way forward, which might be such a surprise it feels like a gift!