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Picture Album Project

Not long ago, I had a casual notion: I should do a few fast, fun paintings on two sheets instead of one, and take a break from picture making that was turning too serious. Swing wide though, and side trips become the main route. Here I am, still on it!

Now, I think I should bind my new pictures into accordion-folded albums, which lie open and flat, but how to organize them? When you look through an album, we're really taking a trip together. Should the pictures be of the best views – snapshots from along the way? Or should we travel chronologically, so you can see how one picture led me on to the next, as my ideas and graphic inclinations evolved? Should there be text? Where and how would I add it?

I don’t know how to figure any of this out, so we’re starting here, with VIRTUAL ALBUMS, where I can shift and sort, try things out and see what works. Then I’ll make these for real.


If you have any thoughts or ideas, email me – I’d love to hear from you!