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The Old Meat Hunter

My father (another Bill Logan), was a newspaper journalist and an inveterate schemer with a puckish sense of humor who was given the opportunity to write whatever he liked about hunting and fishing. Surely his editor never expected a column of pure fiction. It's a marvel he actually let dad turn the old Meat Hunter loose.

What a character he is; resourceful, ingenious, often reprehensible and completely shameless. Yet he's so honest about it all. Taken seriously, his methods are often upsetting, yet I've passed too much time out where time passes - in duck blinds and winter cornfields, along riverbanks and on long drives where dark humor has plenty of room to run wild. We all think about things we'll never do! Thus these stories, which are funny, shocking and when it's least expected, surprisingly moving. It was powerful writing.

Between 2004 - 2007, years after my dad passed away, I gathered together the old Meat Hunter stories, illustrated them, designed a book and sought to have it published. It didn't go well, but do you know what? During the project I came to realize that so much of what I am, my dad was first. We got to spend a little more time together.