Even small steps count! • May 10, 2015


Well Hello!


I hope all is as well with you as it is with me. My big issue this sunday morning is whether or not I can stand the guilt of playing hooky and going fishing. I really need to continue wrestling with a troublesome picture that still refuses to behave or advance. With luck, I will have good news on that shortly, but right now I have other show & tell.


When last we saw this picture, it looked like this – minus the arrows:




They are there to indicate what bothered me. I really like the moody, impressionistic quality of this picture and how muscular my method has become. It’s hard to believe this is done with just India ink. What I didn’t like is how focused and uninterrupted the silhouette of the bluff is at the top and along its shoreline. It’s too stark. After leaving this picture alone for a few weeks like everyone said I should, I still felt I had to do something about it.


The actual scene gave me the answers. There really are trees very quietly breaking up that top edge (especially one juniper) and when the river is low, a scattering of stones poke their heads above the water. I didn’t put in as many stones as there really are – just enough to add a little counter texture along the river’s edge. Oh, and I also cautiously beefed up the texture in the vertical face of the bluff as well. Here is the drawing finished:



Mouth of the Great Falls Chasm – the Passaic River in Paterson, NJ.

Ink and surface alteration on paper. 18″ x 24″



If you click READ FULL ARTICLE in the grey bar below, you’ll find expanded images that allow you to really see how my small changes make a difference. It’s like adding just a bit more of a spice to a savory dish, which while already tasty, hasn’t quite blossomed yet. Now I feel this image has at last settled pleasingly into itself, and leave you with a completed picture I’m particularly proud of!



Your Buddy Bill