Finally, it’s working! • October 9, 2015



Hey Ya –


I can’t believe it’s taken this long to get those foreground weeds right. All along, I’ve had this notion that what was needed was a band of texture that while detailed, was just a hair’s breadth away from becoming a jiggling chaos of textures. The best analogy I have as comparison is of syncopation in music, where we’re captured by the spontaneity and erratic counter rhythms interrupting the underlying predictability of a tune.


I’m convinced that most of what we see in nature is experienced as interruption; we notice contrast or opposition: something sticks up where nothing else does, or it catches the light differently, or has a texture or moment of color that was unexpected. I don’t use color, but I’m learning more and more about the (seemingly) unpredictable mixing of marks and texture. In this respect, the foreground now pleases me, especially at the lower left. The closer you look, the less is there – or is it more? I like that game!


My last task is to decide whether or not to put a duck or two in the area of white just a bit in from the corner at lower right.  If I do it, I’ll have to obscure them, so they play a game of peek-a-boo. They would have to be the little treat viewers noticed last of all.


Geez, I’m at most, two ducks away from done with this whole project!


Your Buddy Bill



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