Fjord #5 is now finished • June 19, 2016




Hey ya –


This is the third version of this view that I’ve completed, and it looks cold in that picture, as if winter is near!


I’m on a bit of a role here lately! I guess it was just the right time for me to start working on Norway pictures. I’ve watched the fjord where my Sweetie was born on so many visits, for so many years, that the look of it (and especially the weather) – is quite well internalized. Figuring out how to paint it is proving to be a challenge, but also particularly satisfying.


I’ll have to flatten this picture before I can capture a proper image of it (this is just a point-n-shoot version). Hopefully, the real deal will go up on my website later next week. Hey, by then I might even have another picture or two done as well!


Happy Sunday –


Your Buddy Bill



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