Flip flopping • • March 17, 2018


Okay, do you know that terrible mountain picture I drew the big “X” through yesterday (see my previous post)?


Well, look what happens when it’s turned upside down –  SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING! Could that be a reflection of the mountain top below, and is the mountain itself rising up into a cloud bank and out of sight?




Yep, I had to chase this, so I decided to try making the lower half look more like water. How? By saturating, wrinkling, distorting and ripping into it of course! I’m not subtle, but sometimes I get lucky. Things began to look interesting, especially once everything was dry again and I sanded the wrinkles to lighten them a bit.


Hey, click the picture below to get a really good look!


Logan mountain reborn


Oh and for the photo above, I also slipped a scrap of another picture behind this one. You can see it peeking through the gaping holes I ripped in my poor, poor paper at lower left.


Am I beginning to like this picture now? Maaaaaybe so.


Much to do still: that water needs a lot of tinkering yet. Shouldn’t there also be some hint of a shoreline back in there somewhere, and what about all of the white at the bottom? Yep, I doubt I’ll do a post tomorrow – gonna be wrestling with all of this!


Your Buddy Bill