From start to finish – AT LAST! • January 26, 2018


Hey Ya!


We have a little journey to take together – are ya ready?


About a week ago, I showed you this studio photo (below) of a strange painting. It was made of the surprisingly well matched left and right sheets that I salvaged from two previous failed pictures. My task was to make them into one picture, but how to do it?


Logan mountain in progress


The way forward involved all kinds of sneaky methods, but mostly depended on my creating and collaging in a jigsaw of newly painted/textured parts. I’m not sure when I decided the best camouflage for my mismatched middle was a glacier, but in this next photo (which I also showed you a few days ago) you can see the top half of it already glued in. Things were beginning to look good!


Logan Glacier Peak 1


Don’t you think we ought to chat a little more about how this collaging deal works? Take a look at the following photo and then we’ll continue our discussion:


Logan Glacier Peak 2


The trick is to cleverly paint and cut different pieces of paper so that in the end, you can’t see how they fit together, or where their seams are. In the photo above, I’ve begun trimming them into shape, but still have a ways to go. There are actually FOUR different pieces laying on top of this picture (and each other). In my next photo, I’ve outlined where their edges are:


Logan Glacier Peak 3


Once I’m satisfied with how all my parts fit in – and fit together – the next step is to sand their backs so they become very thin. I didn’t take pictures as I did that this time, but in the next sequence of photos you can see the same process carried through for an earlier piece:




Not only is the whole back of the patch sanded, but its edges are take down until they’re tissue thin. Below is the same patch held up against the light. You can really see those feathery edges now!




The last step is to spread glue thoroughly and thinly. Then you have to move quickly to get the patch laid down flat and tight.




AND FINALLY, my painting is finished – it turned out better than I’d hoped! I should also mention that many of my two-sheet images will end up being bound into albums – which is why I’ve added the brown, deckled edges and center hinge digitally. It’s gonna be interesting to see how it all turns out for real, but that won’t happen for quite awhile yet.


Have the best weekend! I’ll post again on Monday – – – Your Buddy Bill



Logan Norwegian Glacier 1