Fun(ny) New Method • March 2, 2016



Hey ya –


I couldn’t resist showing you these drawings, done yesterday!


After having finished well over 300 cat pictures, I’ve begun to notice mannerisms in my mark making – moves and method I tend to fall back on. That’s not altogether bad, I am me of course, and how I draw is wrapped up in who I am. However, habits can become crutches and that’s something to keep an eye on . . . OR NOT!


Starting about a week ago, and for an hour at the beginning of each ink slinging day, I’ve decided to do cats with my eye’s closed. Well mostly closed – I cheat on things like whiskers and sometimes a finishing detail or two. Also, I have to blink now and then to check and make sure my brush still has ink in it! Actually, I’m drawing a lot with brushes that have really become sticks. I must tell you more about that soon.


The results of my little experiment are intriguing – and thrilling. These drawings have a lot of character and are very lively. I think this means that when I draw with eyes open I sometimes get in my own way, probably by thinking too much. While I often have to proceed thoughtfully if I’m working on a really involved picture (like the one in my last post), for drawings like these, the less affected and more spontaneous I am, the better. What’s thrilling is that forcing myself to work blind also forces me to depend upon feel and a sense of motion. Odd as it may seem, it’s a far more engaged effort.


I’m certain that if I keep this up, my eyes will become better team players!


Your Buddy Bill