Harnessing Happenstance • October 21, 2017


Logan Flowering 283


Good Morning Y’all –


I’m entranced by bold mark making that has a great element of chance in it, so I’ve been exploring ways to make it happen. Maybe I’m a bit of a closet Abstract Expressionist?


One of the things I’ve been messing with is making quick, juicy, strokes on one sheet, then immediately slapping it face down on another sheet and rubbing to transfer the ink. It’s a wildly imperfect method – never quite know what I’ll get. Sometimes it’s a blotchy mess – and sometimes it’s blotchy/grainy cool!


Truth is, I’m not sure what to think of these pictures, but they might be sort of wonderful if we give ’em a moment.


I’ll keep exploring!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: I think you really should click on these!


Logan Flowering 288