Herding cats = big website update • February 28, 2015

I’ve just uploaded 50 cat drawings to my website – from elegant to ludicrous! That makes almost 80 new drawings posted in just a month! There are now 3 pages of them to see. The navigation button to each is obvious once you get there: http://billloganart.com/drawings/recent-additions/


VIEWING TIP: you’ll see that I often go through a number of variations each time I chase a particular image. Maybe I’m reaching for just the right gesture, or I’m not sure how a drawing should be until I’ve tried it a few different times and ways. Sometimes, I have the urge to make a strong mark or move, which then must have a drawing (or several of them) built around it. It’s particularly fun to follow a mark as it migrates and changes from one drawing to the next!


Here’s an example of what I mean: in this sketchy cat, two really bold marks govern the whole image. The first is the broad swipe that starts at the tip of the tail and flows all the way forward under the belly and up past the cheek. The second mark – just as potent – finishes off one ear. If we took these two out, there would hardly be anything left!


Oh, and I have one more curious tidbit: before making the two big marks, I flooded my paper with rubbing alcohol, which acts as an odd sort of half resist, half diluent to my ink, causing it to both bead up and at the same time really, really penetrate into the sheet. I don’t get why this happens, and I’m just as puzzled that solid black ink, when it sinks so deeply into my paper, turns a decidedly cool shade of gray. I like that it does, but it’s so weird!



Now, let’s go to the next drawing. While it’s much the same in form and gesture, more time has been spent working out the accompanying moves – I’ve greatly increased the visual texture in this drawing by adding a variety of different marks that act in contrast to the two big ones. Some were made with a very ragged, split-tipped brush that was dragged along when it was almost dry. Other marks are even more scrubby-looking (consider the legs for instance). These were done via transfer drawing: I saturated a small piece of paper with ink, laid it wet side down on top of my drawing, and drew/scrapped the legs with my fingernail on the back of it. The pressure recorded my gestures in ink pressed onto the drawing’s surface – and even into it, yet again creating marvelous, cool gray tones!



And this is where things stand several drawings later: our kitty is a little more simplified again, is grainier still and has gained a good deal of graphic punch. That top mark now carries clear across the head, is a very aggressive move, and sets up both the ears and an angry brow. The legs are again achieved via transfer drawing, this time done with both a finger tip (the fat gray lines) and the tip of a brush handle.



The  belly swipe disappears in the very next drawing, but the big, black brows are still there. This cat is either related to Groucho Marx, or he’s a bandito pissed off because he’s lost his six shooter and sombrero.



And finally, while this kitty keeps his brow and bad cat attitude, the rest of him has deconstructed into a gritty, suggestive funk. I don’t ever want to meet this dude!



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