New Digital Painting Albums Added!! • May 9, 2017


Screen shot


The only downside to being prolific is that the more work I make, the more supportive work I create. Lots of reinforcing, flattening, image capture and web prep must happen before I can actually get new paintings online. I’m sort of overwhelmed at the moment, but headway is being made.


My favorite new feature in this big new section I’m creating is the one that lets me set up virtual albums of paintings, that you can actually look through! So damned cool, and one of those things that makes me love technology, even on days like this, when I feel as if I will never escape back to my ink pots. I also really appreciate the ability to sort and shift images around, try out design ideas, make mistakes and find answers before I actually start making these albums for real. Wow, right?


CLICK RIGHT HERE to go to the albums I’ve uploaded so far. Then enjoy!