The last of the cats (for now) • February 14, 2015


This kitty is a lot like those I showed you a few days ago – but only got it’s face yesterday.


Good Morning Everyone!


Before I start today’s ink slinging, I thought I might try your patience by sharing one more round of cats. I’ve had such an enjoyable time with them, but today is my last at it. Not only have I succeeded in making some pretty good pictures, but I’ve also elevated my mood (and with any luck, my creative perceptiveness) considerably. I’m ready to face tough drawings again.


Many of these kitties are still wrinkly, and you can see it in some of these scans. I just couldn’t wait to post them until after they had been flattened. I actually look at my work on this website a lot. Sometimes it’s because this is such a handy archive of images when I need to check something. Usually though, I just like looking. Seeing my work on the Internet makes it seem more official. “This is me,” I think, “Do I like what I see?”


Stay Snug,


Your Buddy Bill ———————-


I really tried to pare down my mark making so that each move counts. It took time and many lesser attempts before I managed to get the second cat just right. Simple looking isn’t simple!



PS: to expand these images and see more detail, click READ FULL ARTICLE, immediately below.