A cat with more than nine lives • October 15, 2015

Hey There All –


Here is the complete run of drawings I did Monday, presented in order so you can see how a graphic idea can migrate and change from one drawing to the next.


Lately, I’ve been especially intrigued by the ways in which really BIG, bold marks can be modified and given more purpose. In these drawings for instance, the broad, dark, rough strokes not only establish the basic form (and personality) of the cats, but also act as an environment within which a great deal of secondary scraping and drawing takes place. That’s such an interesting idea! Equally interesting is the interaction and visual stimulation created by partnering massive marks with very delicate ones. Last of all, these drawings are also about economy – how to say as much as possible in just a few moves.


Here we go then, starting with a very simple, kind of silly kitty . . .




Who in the very next drawing turned into a ragged sort of bad ass!




Now, just watch how this fellow morphs around!








In this next picture, he seems to have had enough, and is in a real mood!


new cat


When I finished that last drawing, and stood back to look at it, I realized that the biggest ear could very easily become a whole head. And so . . .




Okay, now we’ll cruise to the end, becoming more and more realistic!








All in all, it was a very satisfying day of picture making!


Next up (hopefully this weekend), will be my final Paterson picture! I’m photo documenting my creep towards the finish line, which is being managed with a 20/0 brush! Geez, on monday I was slinging ink, and now I’m making tiny, tiny marks – what a life!


Don’t touch that dial (for all of you youngsters – this is an old fashioned TV reference) –


Your Buddy Bill





PS: It’s worthwhile to look at these cats larger – click READ FULL ARTICLE, immediately below.