I know – three posts in one day? Wow! • • September 12, 2017


Logan_strange new dragonfly


Okay, I’m on fire today – and I’m delighted because tomorrow who knows? Not today’s problem.


Do you like my new dragonfly! I do, a lot, but didn’t to start with. In fact, just his front half (he’s on two sheets) got pitched in my almost-a-goner pile last December. There he stayed, until a couple of hours ago when I found him again. I stuck a new right side on, slammed ink down and started bullying it around. Now Mr. Aerial-predator has one fine looking back end! My Sweetie just came home from work and she says this dragonfly looks as if he’s flying out of a Norwegian landscape. Well, go figure!


Bug saved. Like I said, I’m the king of ink today.


Oops, did I just jinx it? Guess I’m about to find out!


Your Buddy Bill