I lose track of fast moving time • • February 6, 2020


Logan Fish 1-28-20


Can’t believe how quickly time skates by. When I’m in my Winter studio hibernation, a week seems like a day if I am feeling challenged and unsure of myself. Apparently I’ve also gone fishing. I didn’t expect to end up painting these pictures! Now that I’m struggling, I wonder how the hell I let myself get here.


The truth is, I don’t really know where “here” is – except that it’s a familiar confusion when I’m chasing creativity. My mark making is turning increasingly unruly and raw, but sometimes it all works out. The scary old fish above is pretty good. Below is a closer look – – –


Logan Fish 1-28-20 detail 2


Logan Fish 1-28-20 detail 1


This next one came out wonderfully too!


Logan Fish 1-27-20


Logan Fish detail 2 1-27-20


Logan Fish detail 1 1-27-20