I’M BACK & WITH SO MUCH TELL YOU! • • October 17, 2019


Logan Exhibit 2


Wow – okay – that was a little more than a little break! Did everything I told you I was gonna do – and much more. Then I went back to work – hard! So hard that I blew off posting for a bit. Sorry.


The good news is that now I HAVE A TON OF NEWS AND SHOW-N-TELL!


A truly wonderful exhibition is has opened at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History – featuring not only my own work (photo above) but also a selection of Japanese woodblock prints and block-printed volumes from my collection. Here is the Poster for the show:


foyer poster kacho-e FOR WEB


And this is the front and back of the postcard the museum printed for me!


Logan postcard


The exhibition is incredibly well presented, and I am deeply grateful to the gallery’s curator, Linda Miller – and to the exhibition designer, Marian McKenzie. Wow – just wow!!!


Let’s take a quick tour – I took these photos the morning before the Preview Evening – – –


Logan Exhibit 1


Logan Exhibit 3


Logan Exhibit 4


Logan Exhibit 5


Logan Exhibit 8


Logan Exhibit 7


Logan Exhibit 6


Logan Exhibit 1 case


Logan Exhibit 1 case 2


Logan Exhibit 1 case 1


The preview was sooooo well attended and it was such a blast that we ALL forgot to take pictures. Oops!?! The curator actually had to retrieve me from a deep conversation with a group of lovely, interested folks and gently usher everyone out so that the museum could finally close. Time went so fast and it seemed like we were just getting started – now THAT is my idea of a GREAT PARTY!