I’m off to Norway (sort of) • May 5, 2016



Fjord #1 – The Sognefjord viewed from Vik i Sogn

India ink and surface alteration on paper. 16″ x 20″



How are you this fine morn?


I did quite a bit of ink slinging in Norway last august, and brought home several completed pictures (including the one above). Others were also well started. Now it’s time to pick up that project again. I’m excited!


After the tight, fussy time I spent on the owls I just finished, I knew I had to loosen up, so yesterday I began pounding out quick sketches of flowers from the garden in front of Reidun’s family cottage. They’re simple and small, done mostly from memory – they’re also pretty much all failures. But success isn’t the point, so much as getting my game on before I jump back into pictures that matter.


Do you wanna see more show-n-tell? I did a whole bunch of little sketches of cottage garden flowers right after I got back from the Viking lands. They’re very like the ones I’m warming up with now, so I really am picking up where I left off. Oh, and pay no attention to the irises – they’re quite nice, but they’re from my garden here at home: http://billloganart.com/drawings/flowering/


And here are other Norway pictures to see: http://billloganart.com/drawings/norway/


Okay, I must go get inky. Have a fine day!


Your Buddy Bill




In my studio this morning: