Flower Power? • September 20, 2016


My Sweetie is in Australia on business for a month, and I am lonely in my only-ness, but I’m also just crashing into some exuberant picture making – with the idea that I’m going to move as FAST as I can and be damned to success, failure, good, bad or any judging of how things are going until next month. Just pound ’em out.


Oh, and I should tell you I’m drawing pretty flowers. Well, okay, the pretty part may not be quite right – but oops, I don’t care about that now, do I?  


These are just a few of ’em:










As of yesterday, I began painting images that spread over two sheets, with the idea that maybe what I’m really doing is making an album of blooms. Perhaps a selection of the best will go into either an accordion or Coptic style binding? Fun to contemplate!


Annnnnd, this morning’s revelation came while I was working on the digital images of the blooms I just showed you (each has to be assembled from two scans). I realized some of the scans are great when they’re turned sideways and intentionally mismatched! Here are three examples:








Geez, the exuberance and surprise of these took my breath away. So you know what happened next, don’tcha? Yep, I’ve started using these as the starting point for making real versions. Below is terrible snapshot of one now under way (just imagine it with all of the richness of the first images in this post, because it’s all really there). This painting stalled a few minutes ago, because I like it’s simplicity so much I’m unsure whether to get fussy by adding some of the finer line work you can see in the digital patchwork example. Looking at right now, as I type this, I’m thinking it probably does need a little something more. But I’m also hungry, so first it’s time for a late lunch – or is it an early dinner? Then I’ll get back to my brushes.




If you click on READ FULL ARTICLE below, you can see these much bigger!