Is this finished? • April 12, 2018


Logan Mountain 4-12-18


I had intended to put a water line in this one, thinking I was making a picture of a headland on the fjord, but now I’m wondering if, aside from small fussing, it’s done?


This is another folded print – basically the next step from the makeready folder prints I showed you this morning. It had to be folded to fit on my press, though I printed both sides at once. Yes, it’s 100% printed – and in only two passes!


Does the fold – and all the activity in it – bother you?  I can’t decide. I could separate the sheet into two halves, or maybe bind it into a picture album, in which case the crease would suddenly make sense. We’ll see. I’m a long way from those decisions yet.


You MUST look at this bigger – CLICK IT!