Is This Paterson Falls in almost Spring? • March 5, 2015

IMG_1524 copy


Nope, not even close. The far end of the chasm looks more like the Winter Queen’s palace. There are two ice bridges. The first is way back in and pretty high up, where the freezing spray from the falls has utterly entombed a big tree trunk jammed across the gorge. The second one is down low, at the foot of the falls. It encases boulders, spans the last small plunge in the chasm and looks sort of like stacked, slightly melted ice cream scoops.


The ice has built up so spectacularly and remained only because the river has been too low to flush it all out. Soon this will change. When the big thaw hits, the Great Falls will thunder. The chasm will clear and those huge boulders will be submerged. Can you imagine? It will be a spectacle of a different sort then!


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