It’s all hung – now for the fussing • November 5, 2015



Hey ya –


When we unloaded Bob’s vehicle yesterday, I would have sworn it was one of those circus cars where the clowns just keep coming out, only this time it was painting after wonderful painting. That’s when we both began to worry. Then we brought in my work, and by the time it was all leaning against the walls, the count was up to 39!


I didn’t see how on earth we’d get ’em all up. But the gallery is deceptive. I think it’s because the ceilings are so high – it makes the hanging space seem smaller. Either that or we were just brilliant at arranging the work. Take your pick, but if you decide upon the latter, I’m complimented.


Lighting must be tweaked and walls touched up. And we must see to labeling, gallery notes & whatnot. I’m glad the Reception isn’t until the 14th!


Your Buddy Bill


PS: here are Bob and his wife, Alice – who is hands down the most ultra-cool girl ever!!!




I love the windows and brickwork – this gallery seems to be made for showing off work, especially if it’s done in black & white!