It’s Been So Long! • August 9, 2017

Hey All –


I’m so sorry I haven’t written in awhile! Nothing  dire has happened. Nope, I’ve just been working really, really hard during this summer of many tasks.


I’m pretty pooped, which is my only excuse for not trying to check in at day’s end. Instead, I just collapse into the hammock with my Sweetie for a bit, or find an escapist movie to watch. Thus the days have gone – and will continue still, though at least I’m going to get out to do a little fishing and outdoor painting.


It’s time to run away from this studio. Look at the mess! Pictures finished or puzzling are stacked everywhere, and still more have joined the throng since I took this photo two weeks ago.




And here are OVER ONE HUNDRED two-sheet pictures ready to be reinforced, flattened and scanned. They’re going to have to wait until September though.


Logan new drawing stacks


You won’t hear much from me for another bit, but soon enough I’ll start posting a whole lot more! Until then, have the finest August –


Your Buddy Bil