Just call me The Mullion Man • June 19, 2015

Hey All –


After messing around, trying to create very graphic windows by ingeniously making stamps so I could print each glass pane with India ink, I finally concluded it was crazy, and that I had to do ’em the old fashioned way. Forward motion means patience, little brushes, plenty of tea and good tunes. Each window will take at least a day. So be it. I sure didn’t want any of my Paterson drawings to lead me into this sort nit-picky detailing, but this is a very lovely picture – I must carry it through to the end. Next week I’m done . . . maybe?


Your Buddy Bill —————-


PS: The window on the left has just been completed. Now I’m masking out the mullions in the window at the other end with thin strips of tape. Once that’s done, I’ll paint the glass, lift the tape and finish the job. The three windows in the middle are going to be much harder. You’ll see why next week.




Here is a closer look.




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