Life Along the Margins • October 18, 2015


The Passaic River Above the Wayne Ave. Bridge #3 – Life Along the Margins

Ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper. 18″ x 24″



IT’S DONE – – – IT’S DONE – – – IT’S DONE!


Yesterday I finished my 12th view of Paterson, NJ. This is my last for this project. Can you imagine that moment? It was especially nice because this picture was far more involved than planned. It was often worrisome, and I feared I might lose my footing. I’m so relieved that didn’t happen, and very happy to be pleased with the outcome.


For a lovely, hi-res image, go here:


If you would like to take a quick little step-by-step tour of my last push, keep on reading!


Hey – after I get all my pictures framed up, and the exhibition is hung, I can get back to work on my Norway pictures!


Oh, I’m loving art making these days!


Your Buddy Bill




Here’s how I duck-walked to the finish line . . .


Although I was avoiding it, I really knew I would have to put ducks in – they’re always there in real life. I just didn’t know where they should go (or how it would look). To figure that out, I swiped ducks from my reference photos, and used Photoshop to drop them in and arrange them in a photo of my drawing. Here is the scene with “sample” ducks in place.


duck patch 5


Next, I had to paint them for real, but there was a problem: the surface was overworked and really fatigued where I wanted my little family to be. I decided to lay in a fresh area of paper. Below, you can see my first sketch, and the patch I cut out. Notice how irregular the edges are: this will help them to disappear into my picture once in place.


duck patch 4


The next step in camouflaging/blending the patch’s edges within my drawing was to make them tissue thin, by very carefully sanding the back, with 150 grit sandpaper. You can see the difference when I hold the patch up to the light.


duck patch 3


Here is the patch in place – glued down with Archival PVA adhesive. I’ve also burnished the heck out of it. The edges are down so tight you can’t even feel them. Now the glue has to dry.


duck patch 2


To make that patch really disappear requires clever brushwork and patience. In the photo below, there is now almost no hint that I added new paper. The ducks are coming along too – especially the peewees.




And here mom and the kids are! My drawing is finished, and so is our short side trip!


Last duck patch