Log Jambed! • January 16, 2017




Good Morning All –


Everything I’m doing right now depends on me doing a lot of other things first. So no great show-n-tell yet, but that will change in a big way. My brilliant web Guru is about to set me up with new categories and a digital reader option in the DRAWINGS•PAINTINGS section of this website.


In prep for that, I’ve begun, sorting, reinforcing and flattening about 120 paintings that will then be scanned. After that, another round of sorting begins, as I order and shift the pictures into digital readers, which to begin with, will act as virtual albums. Once I’m satisfied with how they look, the actual construction and binding begins! I want to have between 6 and 10 real albums done by springtime. Then I’m going to start tickling a New York City gallery with an exhibition idea.


Big plans, I gotta get back to ’em, and you’ll be able to start watching soon!


Your Buddy Bill