This fellow was a long time coming • March 30, 2015


 Road-killed, Long-earred Owl #4, ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper. 18″ x 24″



Good Evening Dear Friends –


I’ve finished this one at last!


Begun almost a year ago, I worked on it off and on, with a lot more off than intended. Employing loose, expressive brushwork to portray camouflaged feather patterning may not have been my best decision, but I managed some pretty fluffy-looking stuff in the flanks and around the base of the tail. I also tried something else I’m a little unsure of: I really tightened up when I moved into the feet. I thought killer detail for the business end of this bird seemed quite fitting, but this evening I left the feet unfinished. In fact, except in the area centered around the feet and legs, much of the rest of the drawing has been left under realized. I kind of like it that way. . . or maybe I’m not really quite sure what I think! What I know is that I gotta keep rolling. I still have one more drawing of this little guy to get done, and only two days to do it!


With luck, there will be another owl here by week’s end – check back!


Your Buddy Bill


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