The importance of mood management! • June 21, 2015




Hey ya –


Bit by bit and no faster, I’m painting the window panes and mullions in my picture (see previous posts). It’s gonna take awhile, so mood management is key! First, I have a reward system for determination and effort. Today for instance, I went out for an early breakfast with my Sweetie, my young friend, Patrick, and his mom, Maura. Had a grand time, AND I wore one of my very FAVORITE shirts, which you probably ought to know is of a Hawaiian style, made by Reidun.


I have lots of them. These days, the deal is that I have no say: my sis chooses the fabric, my Sweetie makes ’em and the game is to come up with one I won’t wear. They could go for the tacky win, like for instance by choosing something with big pink flowers and adding shiny gold piping around the yoke. But you see, I’ve already been there; my dear old grandma, (bless her odd, long gone soul), used to make shirts just like that when I was a kid. I wore ’em, and suffered, and said I liked them – which meant grandma kept sewing. Despite all, I grew into a fondness for loud shirts, but also hope I’ve gained sophistication, and an appreciation for idiosyncratic style that simply makes me happy! Mood management succeeds – see?


Half way through breakfast, Patrick snapped the photo above with his phone. Behind that jungle scene, my tummy is contentedly digesting French toast!



Your Buddy Bill



PS: I’m also going to dinner tonight! Is this the shirt for it?




Or should I go with this – which is the closest my fashion team has come to a win? It was made for one of my fishing trips to the Jellystone Yellowstone country, where tough guys don’t wear Yogi and Boo-Boo. There was some finger pointing and a few giggles, but I did get compliments too!