More frequent posts • September 11, 2016

My posts have been a bit sporadic of late – sorry! I’ll pick it up.


At some point before I turn too cranky, I must start ink slinging again. Need that! Annnnnnnd, I need to finish my big ol’ round of article writing. Sent one off yesterday, and another is due sooooon. So much is going on, all of it good and too much at once. The HUGE news is that the redesign and enlargement of my website is edging close to completion! Can’t wait to start showing you a ton of new stuff!


Your Buddy Bill – – – –


PS: here is a nice little photo I did for an article in the current issue of Fly Tyer Magazine. I just finished shooting images for the next one and will be clicking away again later in the week. The red and green fly, called a Royal Coachman, was my favorite when I was a wee sprog!