My Garden is Flowering • February 7, 2017



Flowering #53

India ink and surface alteration on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″



Here’s a morning bloom, to add some cheer to an otherwise dreary winter’s day. Perhaps where you are, the sun is shining. Hope so. It’s too early for me to have spring fever!


I must assemble almost 600 scans of my flower pictures (4 per) before I can start sifting them into virtual albums on my website’s digital reader. Since my version of Photoshop can’t merge scans automatically, it’s all on me. But I’m getting good at it doing it manually – and I’m enjoying seeing these pictures so intimately. Feels like I’m meeting ’em for the first time!


Look hard (or turn this upside down), and you’ll see this one was painted right over top of a failed cat! Here, I’ll flip it for you so you don’t have to:




See him in there now? GEEEEZ, doe it look better this way – – – AGAIN? WHY do so many of my pictures look as good or better upside down??!?@? Which way do you think it should go?