Perplexing throng • • May 1, 2017


Another work week begins – – –


– – – and I’ll spend some of it looking backwards. Too many half-completed pictures are stacked up on my work tables, and my studio is beginning to feel claustrophobic. So, I’ll try to finish pictures that need it, and condemn others worth no further effort.


One batch of related pictures perplexes me. I like them, but are they really doing what I wanted? My thought was to portray a bunch of tulips, up close and at flower level. They all bloom at the same height, look like they’re clones and are packed in their bed as tightly as people at lunchtime on a New York City sidewalk. I’ve tried to come up with graphic moves that capture this. The pictures do have power, but I fear I may have missed my mark (bad pun). Maybe I should try doing some more and see if I can take things farther?


Have a lovely day –


Your Buddy Bill


PS: to take a closer look, click the pic.


Logan Flowering 99

Flowering #99

India ink on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″