My Painting Buddy • April 21, 2015


Good Morning Everyone!


All is well? Hope so ’cause it is here. I have a couple of studio days ahead and am anxious to sling ink, but first I want to tell you that I can’t imagine a better art making buddy than Bob Demarest. Inquisitive, driven and with a ferocious work ethic, he is a joy in my life and a dear, dear friend. Through the privilege of being his sidekick, I’ve become a much better artist.


Our series of pictures portraying downtown Paterson, NJ and The Great Falls is the second project we’ve worked on together, and is far more challenging. As I dig deeper, I’m again a bit envious of Bob’s clearer vision. Somehow, he seems always able to cut to the chase. He sees something he likes and he paints it. It’s not as simple as that, I know; he runs into problems and confusion just like any artist would, but even so, he doesn’t fuss around and agonize over the whole deal as much as I do. He gets it done, and I gotta tell you, right now he’s painting at the top of his game!


Here are a few of the 20 plus paintings he has completed thus far. Our show together at the Paterson Museum during the 2015 holiday season is going to be a stunner!












And here is a bonus picture: this is a really lovely picture of Bob’s from our earlier project, a suite of paintings of Bear Swamp Creek.




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