An Owl Continues • November 26, 2014

This is one of the two Long-earred owl drawings I wrote about last week. My thought moving forward, was to center the highly detailed area of the picture on the legs and feet, while really making an effort to keep the rest of the drawing far more suggestive. The problem I’ve landed myself in is that the camouflage patterning on these little guys is already a seemingly random confusion of speckles and bars. It’s incredibly effective. Underlying structure is utterly obscured. Trying to just slap down some indication of it all has led to gorgeous mark making. . . and a horrible gray mess! I sort of wish I’d left everything except the feet as it was, barely indicated, but that would have felt like a lazy way to find a finish. Now there is no choice except to keep going. It will require more daring. I hate having to be that way even before breakfast!


More to come,


Your Buddy Bill ——————-



The feet and legs are coming along. I think I will finish off the left foot and forgo as much highly rendered detail on the other one. Right now, I like the way this cropped image looks better than the full picture.