My state of mind – it’s about to change. • February 6, 2015

Hey all –


It’s been a frustrating first week of February, with every single drawing stalled, and nothing but questions about how to get any of ’em going again. There are times when I make glorious, often surprising marks, and others (like now) when my brain and hand can’t seem to manage anything but ugly. So weird. There’s nothing for it but to get back into the trenches and push until I’m suddenly moving. Been here before. Don’t like being stuck in the mud – and never will . But so often, the next thing that happens is unexpected progress!


It’s time to get back at it. I’ve procrastinated for several days, by shooting and adding 30 new drawings to the Website (click on DRAWINGS in the toolbar at top, then RECENT ADDITIONS). Now, I’ll clean my studio (which is a total wreck) until it looks like this. Yep, that’s as organized as it really ever gets. Once I’m set up to make my next mess, paper and ink will fly!




More to come – stay tuned!


Your Buddy Bill ————————–