My Third Fjord Picture • June 6, 2016



Fjord #3 – The Bay and Headland at Vik i Sogn, Norway

India ink and surface alteration on paper. 18″ x 24″



At last, I’m back to painting Norway and so far it’s going pretty well!


One thing for sure is that it’s much easier to make pictures with big dramatic mountains and just a little of a fjord showing. Or I could do the opposite, which would be to have a large expanse of water and more distant peaks. But in actual experience, when you look out over a Norwegian fjord, the mountains and water are equally overwhelming. I’m not sure how to do this in a painting and make it feel that real.


I’ll have to fuss with this problem for awhile. In this attempt, the peak (which is actually the end of a headland) has the same visual weight as the water, which fills almost half the picture. When nothing dominates a composition, the danger is that it will turn very static. So I’ve tried to add character and drama through bold brushwork, aggressive textures and the interplay of weather and light.


This painting doesn’t show itself well when viewed too small. I’ve added a hi-res image and detail views here: