New Articles in Fly Tyer Magazine • November 22, 2015

Winter Cover 2


Hey ya –


I have a both column and an article in the new Winter issue of Fly Tyer Magazine!


The column tells the tale of fly tying frustration, deceit and redemption – set amidst poetic moments and snoring lions just beyond the lamplight. Well, okay, maybe they’re not lions, but I’m not exaggerating by much! My article is on the absolute necessity of always having generic gray fishing flies. I know, gripping stuff, right? Well, to fly fishers it kind of is, if it means catching a few more trout.


Fly Tyer Magazine is the best fly fishing related publication going. It’s good looking, always informative and strictly no nonsense. The Editor, Dave Klausmeyer, is a really great guy and a complete joy to work for. I’ve written, photographed (and even occasionally illustrated) many articles for him, and am really thrilled that I’ve now begun writing a few columns as well.


If you want to learn more about Fly Tyer, you can visit their website:


Okay, enough about bug making – it’s time to pick up a brush and make marks –


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